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Sales Performance

Developing sales leadership and growing high-performance teams in order to successfully grow the company.

  • Growing the sales talent and pipeline – assuring capacity needs are exceeded
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Continual analysis of the numbers – close rates, net sales, customer expectations
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Talent Development

Taking an in-depth look at the current and future talent needed to achieve growth, and creating an acquisition plan.

  • Creating the Playbook for leaders and teams
  • Providing constructive feedback on ways to build strong cultures
  • Continuously encouraging leaders to expand and develop their teams
Business team brainstorming. Marketing plan researching. Paperwork on the table, laptop and mobile phone.

Marketing Communications

Providing innovation in marketing planning, lead generation, and ways to effectively communicate customer value.

  • Identifying the marketing talent to effectively build the plan
  • Developing broad and comprehensive marketing plans to include: media, non-traditional, digital and other innovative lead generation strategies
  • Continual analysis of the marketing funnel